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Jan 2, 2011

How to make Uplifting Trance Music in FL Studio 9 (Video Tutorial) + Download Project


Sound I used - LD dance Saw 3 (Nexus) converted to Directwave so you can use it too.
                        Trance Pluck         - from Sytrus Arp preset.
                        Digi                       - from Sytrus Bass preset
                        Gold Saw              - from Sytrus Pads preset
                        Snare                     - from Legacy>Pack>Dance>Snare 3

In this tutorial, you learn
  • Hot keys tricks
  • Adding instrument or channel in mixer.
  • Automations
  • How to create Melodies with pluck synth
  • How to create Bassline
  • Sidechain Compression with Limitor and Gross beat
  • Making of Drum beat
  • Quick way for making "Arppegiator"
  • Delay and Reverb tricks with Hihat and Lead Synth
  • How to use Free Filter
  • Easily use Maximus
And a lot more tricks that cannot be mentioned here. Watch the full Video.
This video is both for beginners and advanced users. 

Download FL Project file Here

Mediafire Link

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  1. Thanks, dude! It is very useful!

  2. You are a very kind soul. Greetings from Costa Rica

    Peace out-

  3. he is my brother from another mother.... teach me more ... we want you to be our teacher!!!

  4. thank you thank you from all my heart

  5. No idea what you are doing. For an absolute beginner this is no help.

  6. Hello, friend!
    I liked your video, but I had a problem
    when I open the file "trance tutorial" with fl studio 10, I get an error (not found direct wave.dll) and also a. wav (snares 27).
    I followed the steps you have left the description of the video but I still have the same problem
    If you know how to fix it send me a personal message to my Youtube account that he should leave the comment.


  7. Im having the same problem as the guy before i followed the steps in fl studio 10 but i still can't get the direct wave to work

  8. I am Argentine but I want to know where I can obtain all the plugins that you use in this project Thank you :)

  9. from east africa ethiopia /addiss abeba /hawassa

  10. thnxxx good work here ;)

  11. U R just great *** , Thanks for the tut ..

  12. Maaaany thx bro !!!!!

  13. thanks to commentators! glad you all liked it :)

  14. Dude i cant find "LD dance saw 3 "
    :S my biggest problem fck.. can you help me pls...

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